Peacock Knight
Shannon symonds kneel

All renders are from Unreal Engine 4. Kneel with claymore.

Peacock Knight in Sketchfab.

Shannon symonds knight in engine turnaround

UE4 in-engine turnaround without background.

Shannon symonds back view

Back view.

Shannon symonds mid swing


Shannon symonds idle with sword

Idle with sword.

Shannon symonds tech render

Wireframe from 3Ds Max.

Shannon symonds peacock knight ver 4

Orignal concept design.

Shannon symonds colour variations

Experimentation with different colour schemes.

Shannon symonds references cropped

Images I used to help inform the design of my character, both in the concept and in the model itself.

My submission for the Search for a Star 2018 competition! The character took 4-5 weeks to create. Whilst I’d like to improve aspects of this character, I’m happy with how it turned out overall.

A regal knight who belongs to the Band of the Peacock. They are proud, and like to stand out on the battlefield and whilst sparring. All in the band are left handed, adding exclusivity to their band, and all fight with two-handed weapons. The Band are often paid to fight for others, and due to their popularity, they are wealthy men. The idea behind the knight is to create a design that is visually striking but also believable as something that could have existed in real life.